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July 22


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im gonna step away from my art for a little bit. while i was out of work i kicked out a large amount of stuff and to tell you the truth i think it burnt me out a bit. now with starting back a job my time to draw has drastically been cut. Also the last few things ive been working on just havent been up to what i feel is my best quality. so im gonna put my pencil down for a bit. im not leaving DA but i dont want to kick out some substandard bullshit for you guys. Deviations will resume, unfortunately not at the speed they were but hopefu;;y the quality will be much better. I love you guys!

PS undergrace777 has drawn some stuff lately that im really REALLY excited to color. so maybe thatll give you a reason not to unfriend me!
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LordReserei Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
We all need to take a break from some things sometimes, and reprioritize. So I completely understand. 
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